Lumiere Search


Lumiere Search assigns at least a Consultant for each client account. The Consultant provides a focal point of contact for ownership to ensure that service levels are met and to facilitate a complete search process.

Supported by an experienced Technical Recruitment Team, our Consultants are capable of:

Retained search assignments: Submitting talented candidates conducted through exclusive engagements on agreed timelines.

Temporary or contract placement and payroll services: We offer timely and accurate payroll services that include salary, annual leave, medical leave, and benefits administration.


We pride ourselves in our thorough and rigorous screening process. Our consultants take the time to understand the client’s business environment, company culture, technical requirements as well as non-technical requirements in order to quickly identify candidates that are suitable.

We refer only qualified candidates. Candidates are assessed for their technical abilities, leadership abilities, interpersonal and communication skills, career and salary expectations, etc. We conduct in-depth interviews with our candidates, and are able to provide detailed reference checks.

Upon selection of candidate, our consultant’s role changes from that of search agent to negotiator and communicator. At this point, our main function is to bring the candidate on board in a manner that facilitates a long and successful stay with our client.